a car parked on the side of a road© Photograph:Geo by way of Alden Jewell

A lot of you all, like me, grew up laughing at Geos. A Geo! we’d say. Ha!

But it surely’s price revisiting. Geo—and I do know that is going to be onerous to listen to so take a minute if you have to—was good.

Analysis new and used automobiles on MSN Autos

a close up of text on a white background© Photograph:Geo by way of The Day by day Drive

The Prizm GSi (Toyota Corolla) was candy. It supplied a howling 4AGE in a sedan or five-door hatchback format. That automobile nonetheless has an avid fanbase for good cause.

a blue car parked in front of a mountain© Photograph:Geo by way of a somewhat impolite…

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