A 2.7m (9ft) snake that could eat a human is on the loose in Cambridge.

Police are searching for the reticulated python after it was spotted near Lovell Road.

Although officers have tracked down the owner, their snake has not been seen since.

The python is not venomous, and attacks on humans are rare.

Reticulated pythons are the world’s longest snake, and are native to southeast Asia. They can grow up to 9.6m (31.5ft) long.

A fully grown reticulated python can open its jaw wide enough to swallow a human, but shoulders can be an issue.

Cambridgeshire Police tweeted: “In the early hours of this morning Officers attended the area of Lovell Rd Cambridge, Reports of a three meter snake seen in the area. Police have located the owner but not the Reticulated Python confirmed to be 9ft long.

“Any sighting please notify Cambs Police on 101.”

In May, police in Cambridge found a large orange and black striped corn snake which was taken to a wildlife centre in Stretham.

Earlier this month, the body of an woman was found intact inside a python in Indonesia. The 54-year-old had gone missing while working in her garden.


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