Scientists with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy said Tuesday that footage caught of two white sharks interacting off the coast of Massachusetts is the first they have ever seen from the area.

“FIRST FOOTAGE EVER! Drone footage of an interaction between two white sharks off the coast of Chatham yesterday,” a tweet on the conservancy’s account said. “Our local shark science team is hoping to see the high res version to learn more about the interaction.”

The tweet is accompanied by a short aerial video of a smaller white shark approaching a larger white shark before the two sharks spin in a circle, then quickly go their separate ways.

Gregory Skomal, a marine biologist with the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game said that “based on scarring patterns and wounds, we know white sharks off Cape Cod frequently bite each other. However, until this video was shot, we had never witnessed any sort of social interaction.”

Skomal said closer examination of the video will hopefully help determine whether the interaction was aggressive or defensive in nature, or associated with mating.


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