Individuals who have been caught live-streaming themselves while driving have been banned from streaming platform Twitch.

Twitch, which is primarily a platform for people streaming themselves playing video games, has become one of the internet’s largest video streaming sites.

Instead of video games, users are increasingly broadcasting “in real life” or IRL streams which simply feature individuals broadcasting the activities of their daily lives to the platform’s other users.

Among the activities that users have been streaming have been a number of road trips, during which the streamers’ attention has not been on the road but on their smartphones.

Research by the Royal Automobile Club in the UK said that 47% of motorists aged between 25 and 34 admitted making or receiving calls while driving when asked in March, up 7% from the previous year.

Twitch has now clamped down on these streamers, banning a range of them for dangerous driving.

One popular IRL streamer called Bri Teresi confirmed her channel was banned on Twitter, explaining “I was not being the best driver.”

“I’m sorry guys,” she continued. “I won’t be distracted while driving again. I realise how stupid and reckless it is.”

She added that she and her streaming partner Katie Teresi would be IRL streaming from their YouTube account in future.

Another popular personality on Twitch, Mitch Jones, was banned for featuring dangerous driving while streaming – having glanced at his phone while driving.

On another IRL stream which ignited controversy, Mitch – who has more than 400,000 followers on the platform – was reprimanded even though he wasn’t the individual driving.

As reported by gaming news site Dexerto, Mitch was broadcasting from the passenger seat while a fellow streamer drove through a stop sign and nearly crashed into a car at a junction.


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